Creating engaging & informative experiences

Our business differs from others as our products are focussed on generating immediate and lasting impact within the tourism sector. We are reinventing outdoor exploration in both urban and rural locations and creating profitable and sustainable visitor initiatives.

Our bespoke trail designs are tailored towards your exact vision and needs. We have been awarded for our innovation in trail design and our trails are unique for each client. Our creative team will explore a range of ideas to maximise all available design opportunities for your business. From concept to final installation, Brilliant Trails provide an all-inclusive service to ensure a seamless and professional finish. Every aspect of our work is truly individual, creatively designed, installed and supported. We are confident that we can provide a bespoke trail design, incorporating the latest technologies to enhance the visitor’s experience.

Totally Bespoke

Every aspect of our work is truly individual, creatively designed, installed and supported from start to finish.

Digitally Supported

We use the latest technology in our trails, from quick reaction (QR), near field communication (NFC), augmented reality (AR) and the latest ibeacon products.


We always build our experiences to be highly interactive through education and learning.

Staying Safe

Our bespoke trails are designed with safety in mind and we always strive to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors of every age.

A few examples of our work

Our bespoke trails are extremely varied and based upon a combination of location, key aims and budget. From the smallest to the largest trail, our approach and attention to detail is paramount.