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Our business differs from others as our products are focussed on generating immediate and lasting impact within the tourism sector. We are reinventing outdoor exploration in both urban and rural locations and creating profitable and sustainable visitor initiatives.

Around the country, many primary schools and nurseries are looking beyond a traditional classroom and exploring the option of an external shelter placed within the natural environment since they provide plenty of benefits to the school, the children and the staff.

Outdoor classrooms are becoming more and more popular as they provide primary schools and nurseries with functional, covered spaces for outdoor learning, socialisation and play all within the current grounds. Taking children into a fresh, new environment, where they are surrounded by nature, is the perfect way to increase participation in lessons. Taking children into a fresh, new environment, where they are surrounded by nature, is ideal for increasing their involvement in tasks.

Outdoor classroom

Relax & refocus

The natural environment is perfect for children to relax and refocus as they listen to nature and self-regulate away from the busy classroom. Once children have finished their outdoor lesson and have headed back inside, they feel calm and ready to face their next task, increasing their concentration and motivation for learning back inside the classroom, too!

school trails

Better cooperation

Alongside this, while in a different and calm environment, children will be more cooperative as they listen to what’s being asked of them and complete the activity set.

A few examples of our work

Our bespoke trails are extremely varied and based upon a combination of location, key aims and budget. From the smallest to the largest trail, our approach and attention to detail is paramount.

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