Access to a wealth of information

Mobile apps have significantly impacted how visitors experience various places and attractions. From museums to theme parks, mobile apps transform how visitors interact with their surroundings and access information. One of the most significant ways mobile apps enhance visitor experiences is by providing them with access to a wealth of information. With just a few taps on their smartphones, visitors can access information about exhibits, attractions, and events. They can learn about the history and background of the places they visit and better understand what they are seeing.

Mobile Apps – So many benefits

Our mobile apps also make it easier for visitors to navigate different locations. With our interactive maps and wayfinding features, visitors can easily find their way to different areas and points of interest. This can be especially helpful in large venues such as parks a towns, where it can be easy to get lost. Our mobile apps also improve the visitor experience by providing a more interactive and engaging environment. They can include augmented reality features, allowing visitors to see items and environments in completely new ways. This can be a great way to make learning fun and engaging and help visitors understand complex concepts better.


Completely self-managed

It’s really important that you are able to update and alter your mobile apps content to suit your requirements. That’s why all of our mobile apps can complete with a simple and intuitive content management system (CMS). Brilliant trails mobile apps communicate directly and in real time with our service, automatically updating your app whenever changes are made.

Maybe you want to launch a new experience or add new seasonal events – no problem!
Simply login to the CMS on any device, make your require changes and save. Text your content, imagery, audio and video files are fully supported, ensuring your customers always experience the very latest content.

Mobile app CMS

So what about the mobile app functionality?

Brilliant Trails has focussed on developing functionality specifically for the tourism sector, ensuring everything is designed to enhance our trails and other visitor attractions. Functionality includes:

  • Full textual content
  • Audio narration
  • Video content
  • 360 panoramic images and video
  • Augmented reality
  • iBeacon triggering
  • Gamification
  • Events
  • Offers & discounts

Engage your younger audiences

Digital content offers a more interactive and social experience for younger audiences, making it a highly effective tool for engaging them. Whether it’s Young children accompanying the parents on one of our trails or teenagers exploring culture or heritage location, mixing technology with our traditional trails creates the perfect balance.

If you would like to know more about how a mobile app can benefit your current tourism experience or how we can incorporate it into a new trail experience, feel free to get in touch.