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Delivery Information

Your Tourist Wise Ltd products are available as a PDF to download and print at home or work. The email you receive after purchase will contain all the relevant information regarding your purchase and download.


If you select a ‘download’ you will be automatically directed to a web page where you can download a PDF of the trail and print it at home or work. You will also be sent an email containing a link to the PDF which will expire after 72 hours. Personalized trails can be only be edited once. Tourist Wise Ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors by the user.
Please note that trails are for personal use only and cannot be photocopied. If you wish for more than one copy of a trail, please get in touch, and we can arrange for a bulk discount.

Refund, Cancellation and Replacement Policy

Tourist Wise Ltd does not offer refunds for any trails downloaded or personalized trails created.
Cancellation of an order is only possible up to the point of payment. Once payment has been made, and the download screen is accessed, cancellation is not possible.
Replacement of downloaded trails and personalized trails will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In all instances contact us for more details.

Currency and Export Restrictions

All orders processed through this site will be conducted using GBP.
All trails are located in the UK & Ireland; export restrictions do not apply.