What we do

Welcome to Brilliant Trails, your one-stop destination for designing and creating stunning, interactive trails that bring any location to life. Our expert team specialises in crafting customised trails that engage visitors and offer a unique and memorable experience. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you create a trail that perfectly fits your vision, from interactive signage and multimedia content to custom-designed sculptures and installations. With our innovative approach, a trail can transform any space into an immersive and engaging environment that visitors will love.

We Assess

Our team of professionals will survey your land and the best possible paths to make your bespoke trails. This is an all round service were we can guide and innovate the assessment process.

We Design

We offer a bespoke trail tailored to your vision and ideas, as well as providing expert consultancy to deliver the best quality of work and service.

We Install

Our highly trained construction team completes a full trail install within days. We work to a tight schedule making sure everything is of a high standard.

We Digitalise

We have a team dedicated to supporting and enhancing our physical experiences with digital apps, offering navigation, Augmented Reality and much more.

Latest News

Our work is taking us far and wide and we continue to expand the range of organisations we work with. Just a few of our recent projects are shown below.