Unveiling the Trailista Careers Trail at St. Patrick’s College

We are delighted to share the latest development at St. Patrick’s College: the Careers Trail installation and upgrade. This project, featuring the innovative Trailista Careers Trail, was created in collaboration with St Patrick’s College’s enthusiastic Year 11 students.


Embark on a Journey of Discovery

The Trailista Careers Trail is designed to inspire and educate students about the diverse career paths available to them. This engaging trail is not just a path through the campus but a journey highlighting the possibilities awaiting our future leaders.


The trail includes interactive stations showcasing various career fields. From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to the arts, each station provides insights into different professions, encouraging students to explore and pursue their passions.


The trail features hands-on activities and interactive displays that make learning about careers fun and engaging. Students can participate in simulations, watch informational videos, and access digital resources through QR codes.


Year 11 students played an important role in creating this trail. Their input and creativity ensured the trail was relevant and inspiring for their peers. This collaboration also gave students valuable project experience and a sense of ownership over the trail.


Inspiring Future Leaders

The primary goal of the Trailista Careers Trail is to motivate students to dream big and consider a wide range of career opportunities. The trail aims to broaden students’ horizons and inspire them to follow their ambitions by showcasing successful professionals and various career paths.


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