What is an Environmental Trail?

Trails are a vital ingredient in preserving open space and encouraging public interest in habitat and natural landscapes in many places.
In England, trails are essential in safeguarding public access to stream corridors and the coast.

Our objective is to encourage exploration of locations of interest within your community where visitors and locals can explore local heritage, history and points of interest in a fun and educational way. We enable communities to empower themselves with new opportunities and development.

We create a package of support and positive impact. Community tourism projects generate many positive community outcomes ranging from community regeneration to new job creation in the local area. With the support of tourism, digital, and management training that compliment the overall project.

We work to create a package that supports the business/client after we have handed it over. From tourism training, digital marketing guidelines to digital applications that compliment the overall product.

Environmental trails assessment


Our team of professionals will survey your land and the best possible paths to make your bespoke trails. This is an all round service were we can guide and innovate the assessment process.

Environmental trail design


We offer a bespoke product tailored to your vision and ideas, as well as providing expert consultancy to deliver the best quality of work and service.

Environmental trail design


Our highly trained construction team completes a full trail install within days. We work to a tight schedule making sure everything is of a high standard.