Enchantment, The Woodland Trail, invites you on a mystical quest throughout Lough Erne Resort to help free Princess Erin.

Enchantment, The Woodland Trail, invites you on a mystical quest throughout the woodland to help free Princess Erin. Nestled in the Fermanagh countryside, surrounded by dark waters, meet Twinkle the Fairy and the rest of her woodland family, who will help guide you along the way. With twelve enchanting trail clues on the journey, deep in the mysterious woodlands, find the answers to the questions and the magical clues to release Erin from the Turret.

The hospitality sector has found itself dealing with the aftermath of Brexit and working through the Covid-19 crisis. With abroad holidays cancelled, more of us are staying closer to home; the staycation trend looks set to continue. This has led businesses like Lough Erne Resort looking to Brilliant Trails to take their already established operation and add a new profitable product to incentivise this wave of locals to stay at the resort. 

Brilliant Trails have taken the existing walks around the wood and given them a complete upgrade. This includes new surfaces, waymarkers, and information points. The paths were cleared to a maximum of 1.5 meters and a depth of 200mm, including a durable membrane. At various points along the trail, drainage was also required, and the tracks were then filled with type 3 aggregated.  

Once the installation was complete, the trail was tested through every aspect to ensure functionality, feasibility and safety. 

At Enchantment, there is plenty of magic to share for everyone. Indulge in this magical adventure at least 1hour 30 minutes to complete the Enchantment trail. The Enchantment trail begins at Princess Erin’s Welcome Centre, bringing laughter to all the fairies and pirates who visit the resort. 

At Enchantment, there are no age limits for those that can walk the trail, and there is plenty of magic to share for everyone.

The creation of this bespoke Family Fairy Trail now offers Lough Erne Resort a sustainable and maintainable family orientated product that encourages outdoor exploration, stimulation and engagement with the environment. Increasing revenue, exposure to tourism in the Fermanagh Lakeland area. 

To book tickets and experience the magic for yourself click the link: https://www.lougherneresort.com/enchantment.html