Farm Diversification

Farms are abundant in more ways than one. Farmland can provide profitable crops, scenic landscapes, untouched land and a great deal of opportunity. Traditionally, farms make money by growing and selling agricultural products or raising animals. This can be a successful model, but there is a great deal of risk when it is your sole source of income. Farm diversification is key.

Many farmers and estate owners are pursuing additional revenue sources by drawing in more visitors to their property. From tractor rides to hay mazes, an increasing amount of farms are opening their land to the public and earning a great deal of profit as a result.

There are various options to create additional income streams like turning a farmhouse into a bed and breakfast, holding educational seminars or selling new ready-made products. Another example of a farm diversifying is how good they’re at adapting to current guidelines and restrictions due to the pandemic. We have seen an increase in farms offering vending machines which are accessible 24/7 as they can’t fully open to offer their amenities such as trails and more. From here they sell essentials and even products made on their farm such as milkshakes and their very own bacon for example. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to diversify your farm is through a well-designed trial or farm tour.

Adding an Attractive Trail to Your Farm

A well-designed trail will attract families to your farm and open up your property to visitors and profits with interactive pieces and learning opportunities. This can be done at a relatively low cost and leaves you with the option to quickly pivot again in the future, unlike other projects like a B&B or on-site restaurant. Further, a trail will help diversify your farm and maintain the integrity of your land, allowing others to enjoy the natural beauty of your property. As a result, it provides you with the most significant return on investment.

There are different ways in which you can increase revenue through your trail. You can sell tickets and charge a fee to enjoy the trail, or you can make the trail free to enjoy but have a stand or shop on site that sells local goods and items from your farm.

At Brilliant Trails, we are experienced in farm diversification. Recently we worked with Uncle Henry’s Farm and created a Family Fairy Trail that preserved the land, incorporated the current property theme and provided plenty of areas to explore, such as the Troll Headquarters and Fairy Classroom (read more about this project here).

You can also find a mystical trail at Churchfields Farm. Our team of design experts enhanced their gorgeous woodland property with a fairy trail that has been a huge success! Tickets sold out during their first week of opening (read more here).

Bespoke to you

We will work with you, understand your goals and draw up a design to exceed your wildest expectations, whether that includes a fairy garden or secret woodland fort. Farm diversification ventures can range from small-scale enhancements to much larger operations. You need to ask yourself how much time and financial resources you want to put into your new experience and target outcome.   

Those in agriculture are finding it increasingly challenging to increase profits due to a vastly changing industry. A well-designed trail will increase visitors, business and profits and put a smile on the face of the many people who visit.