Located near the small market towns of Gainsborough and Kirton in Lindsey, County Lincolnshire, Uncle Henry’s farm and Café offers locals and others, fresh produce and great café meals and dishes. Us here at Brilliant Trails had an amazing and fun time working with Uncle Henrys Farm. To learn more about Uncle Henrys Farm Shop, continue below.

Uncle Henry’s Farm is part of a family farming business run by the Ward family. They are farmers with a passion for home reared, local, and great tasting produce. Their farm shop started with a family friend of the owners, Meryl and Steve, by Henry Wright. Henry lived in the house behind the farm shop & café. You can see the house from the outside courtyard. The Wright family farmed the farm for over 100 years when the Wards took on the farm operation in 1991. Even though the two families were unrelated, Meryl and Steve’s children used to ask, “Can we visit Uncle Henry’s” when they wanted to play at Henry’s house. The name stuck, and out of the family’s fondness for their family friend, came the title for Ward’s new business, Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop, Butchery & Café.

The couple converted the derelict 19th Century limestone buildings on the farmlands next to Henry’s house into the shop, butchery and café in September 2006. Since then, conference facilities have been added, and the business has developed to become an educational resource for local schools.

The family came to Brilliant Trails looking to develop their site further. After a consultation, we identified the need to introduce a family orientated product to Uncle Henrys Farm, envisioning a ‘child-friendly, “Family Fairy Trail‘ that would resonate with children and adults alike.

Brilliant Trails considered the visions of those at the Farm and the preservation of the land itself. Our design team created a unique trail book bespoke to Uncle Henrys Farm. Then we carried the corresponding theme into the signage surrounding the site.

Our creative writer incorporated twelve points into a structured trial style. The trail consists of instructions, mapping, facts, clues and problem-solving exercises throughout. Each trail location contains an interactive panel; each panel contains content relating to the trail illustrations. Some locations you might discover include Fairy wings, Fairy Classroom, Fairy Library, Troll Headquarters and much more.

Uncle Henrys Farm is an excellent example of what we do best at Brilliant Trails. Bespoke packages, entirely designed with your business’s needs in focus!