China Fleet

Brilliant Trails would like to introduce our latest Family Woodland Trail. Set in the exquisite countryside. On the cusp of Devon and Cornwall, is China Fleets new Nature Trail. China Fleet is one of the South West’s leading country clubs. Just 15 minutes from Plymouth’s city centre. Through our initial site consultation, we took into consideration China Fleets vision to preserve the land around the Country Club.

After our consultation, we compiled information about the nature of the China Fleet. We worked with the China Fleet team to incorporate the existing heritage and environment surrounding the club. We wanted visitors to learn not only about the wildlife found on and around China Fleet, but also the surrounding habitat. Additionally the effect that local business and industry has on them, and how people can best protect and preserve Cornwall’s environment. 

Chainsaw Carvings

Meanwhile our talented chainsaw carver Charlie helped us bring the wildlife surrounding China Fleet to life. Charlie created some stunning carvings of the birds, foxes and badgers for the Woodland trail. The main attraction of China Fleet is their highly visible birdlife; this in combination with the vast open expanse of the estuary.

This project is targeted both for local people and visitors. By creating a learning-focused nature trail, we are promoting people’s engagement with, and enjoyment of, the remarkable environment around the China Fleet. In addition, our Graphic Designer worked to create the interpretation and a fun-packed activity booklet. By installing associated interpretation boards, Brilliant Trails enhance people’s learning and understanding of the environment and wildlife.


Furthermore, by enhancing and maintaining the existing bird hides on the site, we made birdwatching opportunities safer and more enjoyable, increasing engagement and visits. The Woodland Trail is family-focused, with the booklet ensuring that children learn more about Cornwall’s unique environment. The booklet contains facts, questions, directions and illustrations that bring the Woodland trail to life. 

Our Vision

In conclusion, this new Woodland Trail is available to all visitors. regardless of whether or not you are a customer of China Fleet Country Club. We envisage an active community of bird watchers who use the existing bird hides; they will benefit also from his new installation. We hope the benefits of the improvements made will grow this community and allow more people to experience the surrounding environment and wildlife.

Adventure awaits at China Fleet, come and explore.