Client Requirement

The Witches Corner Trail at Abbotsford is an enchanting trail full of folkloric tales and mystical wonders! Abbotsford Heritage Team approached Brilliant Trails to design an interactive sculpture trail along with an app that tells the folkloric tales of Sir Walter Scott. The Abbotsford Team requested a darker approach to the fairy trails and wanted us to incorporate the eerie and magical stories from Sir Walter Scott’s tales.

Our Approach

The Abbotsford Team provided us with several books by Sir Walter Scott to help us understand his writing style and the desired tone for the trail. Using this knowledge, we developed multiple concepts, including illustration styles, colour palettes, as well as numerous panel and booklet designs, and illustrated assets. We collaborated with the team through virtual meetings and emails to perfect the trail’s direction and Witch Corner branding. Once the concept was approved, we sent briefs to the illustrators and carvers, and the trail began to take shape.

Our team worked on creating an interactive panel design, activity booklet, and app for the Witch Corner Trail using assets we acquired and created. Instead of a continuous story, the Abbotsford Heritage Team decided to share snippets of 12 pieces of Sir Walter Scott’s writings. The panels feature intricate illustrations that depict the tale being told, while the booklet contains a description, a map of the site, activities on each page, a spell to find, and space to write your own magic spell. Once the panels and book were confirmed, we developed the new Abbotsford App, which included additional content and imagery, including audio files, about the Witch Corner Trail, Estate, House & Gardens. The app also allowed users to book into future events hosted at Abbotsford. Visit the Witch Corner Trail and explore more with the Abbotsford app!