THE mobile app for the tourism sector

We build mobile apps that have genuine and lasting impact on the visitor experience, from a simple moment of immersion to a curated journey of discovery. We work closely with heads of tourism to identify needs, understand trends and introduce mobile in ways that will have genuine and long lasting impact. Its not just about tomorrow... it's about so much more!

TouristWise provides a complete range of functionality specifically designed to service those operating within the tourism sector. It powers digital experiences for private, government and community organisations. The app platform driven by a simple and intuitive content management system (CMS), available from any Internet connected device. This means you are always in control of your app, editing and updating content whenever required.

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It's time to engage

TouristWise helps you deliver your knowledge and wisdom to visitors before they arrive and throughout their stay. It’s like having you there beside them to advise, suggest, guide and engage.


Speak their language

The moment you add your content to WISE it will be automatically translated into your chosen languages. You can finally deliver content to your audience in their native language as they journey through your area, location or attraction.


No limits

Whether you operate a single attraction or manage a larger tourist area, YOU decide how best to showcase your offering to visitors. A host of tourism focussed functionality is available at your fingertips – simply select what you need and no more.


YOU take control

TouristWise is the only full function mobile app solution enabling those within the tourism sector to self manage functionality. A simple but powerful web based management facility gives you full control of everything. Absolutely no technical knowledge is required.


Audio and video

Use the power of audio to narrate a story or provide background information about a point of interest.
Add video clips to promote a particular attraction or to showcase an area of natural outstanding beauty from the air. The choice is yours!

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Location aware

Communicating with your visitors as they pass an entrance or specific point of interest creates real engagement.
Deliver a relevant message, deliver a related video or just wish them a pleasant visit. Communicating with your visitors will always enhance your visitors experience.

Mobile app

Image & object recognition

Promote exploration and challenge by having your visitors locate images and objects around your location.
Scanning with their phone can unlock hidden content, promote a special offer or animate a scene.

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360 panoramic tours

Unlock a virtual view of a private room or hidden location using 360 panoramas. Give pre visit tourists a taste of a location or area before they visit or showcase an attraction or restaurant. Add as many panoramas as you wish within a 360 tour to create an immersive and engaging virtual experience.

Mobile app

Augmented reality

Bring a scene to life in front of your visitors eyes with 3D models and animations. Show how an historic building once looked or the armour used by soldiers at an important battle. You can begin creating AR content safe in the knowledge that TouristWise can showcase it. You can even manage the AR elements from the CMS!

Mobile app


Ask visitors questions relating to a point of interest or object. It’s a great way of holding interest, especially for younger audiences.
Wise will track their answers, award points and allow your brand to offer promotional prizes or incentives.

Mobile app


Advertise local events and initiatives on behalf of your own organisation and others related to your offering.
Send proactive in-app messages to your visitors informing them of an event taking place during their stay. Enable them to buy tickets and share events with their contacts.


Offers and discounts

Drive visitors to your supporting services and those within your local area by publishing offers and discounts.
Logging into the Wise app allow you and other merchants to scan coupons and track usage.

Thinking of going mobile for tourism?

Brilliant trails work solely within the tourism, culture and heritage sectors so we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of these areas. Our mobile apps are backed by a team dedicated and knowledgeable designers and developers, ensuring that every app fits a customers requirements beautifully.

If you would like to discuss how the Touristwise app could aid in attracting and engaging a wider audience, would love to hear from you. We have numerous case studies and real-world examples of how our mobile apps compliment trails and visitor experiences.