The Riverine Project

The Riverine Community Park Project, funded by SEUPB PEACE IV (2014–2020) in collaboration with the Dept. for Communities (NI) and the Dept. for Communities and Rural Development (ROI), is a visionary initiative. Led by Donegal County Council (DCC) with Derry City and Strabane District Council (DCSDC) as Project Partner, it aims to revitalise the border riverside area, creating an iconic cross-border community park along the River Foyle. 

This shared space seeks to unite communities from both sides of the border, fostering connections and inclusivity. The park will utilise agricultural land on either side of the border, connected by a new pedestrian and cycle bridge, for an enriched, inclusive experience. Pre and post-construction animation programs engage the local community, empowering them to become Park Ambassadors. 

Additionally, the Culture & Peace Activity Trail Project will develop interactive cross-border trails with digital app integration, co-designed with the community to promote the area’s culture, history, and peace.


The Workshops:

Workshop 1: Setting the Stage for Creativity

In our first workshop, we kicked things off with introductions. After getting to know each other, we formed teams, with group sizes depending on the class. Then, each team could choose their team name, aligning it with a trail design business.

We kicked things off with a quiz covering design, logos, and design history, sparking lively discussions and engaging the students. The quiz was all about multiple-choice questions, and we loved hearing each team’s answers and keeping score.

Next, we delved into the world of maps and their significance. We showed them online maps of their school using Spatial NI and asked teams to draw maps of their journeys from home to school or their local areas. This exercise encouraged them to think about their surroundings, road networks, and the importance of maps. Teams then presented their maps, setting the stage for discussions about the Riverine Park location and the app. We delved deeper into the app’s details and introduced the idea that the winning teams could have their logos and brands featured in it.

The highlight of the workshop was when teams crafted their logos, brands, and identities. We even allowed teams to change their names if they wanted. Allan and Amy guided as teams sketched their logos. 

Teams then presented their brands and received valuable feedback. We emphasised the importance of a good pitch and the one-minute pitch format. Allan demonstrated the concept using random objects, and teams were tasked with creating one-minute pitches for different objects. It was a creative and informative session to wrap up Workshop 1.


Workshop 2: Developing Ideas into Reality

In our second workshop, we reunited the teams and began with a recap of what we covered in Workshop 1. We had them complete a quiz to get their minds buzzing, reinforcing key points and concepts.

Before Workshop 2, Amy worked her magic by digitising the kids’ logos and creating merchandise mockups. These improved logos were printed onto A3 Foamex boards, providing teams with tangible examples of their work. Teams shared their thoughts on their “real” logos and discussed strategic aspects of their companies, including pricing, roles within the business, and feasibility.

With guidance from Allan and Amy, teams honed their pitches and presented their businesses one by one. The one-minute pitch format added excitement, and teams took turns pitching and impressing us creatively.


Final Workshop: Celebrating Creativity and Collaboration

The last workshop was a grand culmination of the Riverine Project, featuring students from Ardstraw Primary, Killygordan National School, and Strabane Academy. The event took place at The Alley in Strabane.

We mixed teams from different schools and shared what the project entailed. Before the final workshop, we created a trail around Strabane with clues for the kids to find and a fun code to break at the end. We discussed the trail around Strabane town, enjoyed some delicious lunch, and treated everyone to ice cream. Finally, the day concluded with a small presentation celebrating the students’ incredible creativity and collaborative efforts.


At Brilliant Trails, we’re proud to be part of this journey, inspiring young minds and showcasing their talents through trail design and interactive experiences.