Bringing the Magic of a Sensory Garden to Fairview Primary School, Ballyclare!

Brand new for 2023, the Brilliant Trails team were thrilled to design and install a sensational sensory garden and trail for Fairview Primary School, weaving its magic throughout the school grounds and playground.

The result? A vibrant burst of life and colour that offers children a unique place to learn, play, and explore with all their senses.

At Brilliant Trails, we believe in creating spaces that inspire, educate, and delight. We paved the way with a stoned path, where little feet could feel the crunch beneath them. A wooden bridge beckons children to walk across and touch the beautifully carved wood. Giant wooden pencils and flowers tower overhead, creating shadows that dance throughout the day.

For a dash of magic, we planted a wildflower pollinator garden, a feast for the senses with scents and sights to behold and a symphony of sounds from wind chimes singing in the breeze.

A sensory garden is a fantastic addition to any space, sparking curiosity and wonder in both young and old.

Bespoke & Unique

Collaborating closely with our clients, we strive to comprehend their objectives and develop a design that meets their expectations. Brilliant Trails believes the integration of sensory gardens is emerging as a valuable strategy. A meticulously crafted trail not only boosts visitor numbers and business revenue but also delights a multitude of guests, contributing to a more profitable and joyful experience for all involved.

Contact Brilliant Trails today to explore how we can create a sensory garden that enchants and inspires.