Bunratty Castle Fairy Trail – Client Requirement

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park have had a fairy trail installed by Brilliant Trails for a few years. However, the trail needed to be updated and refreshed due to its success. The Brilliant Trails team visited Bunratty to walk the trail, exchange ideas, and better understand what worked well and what needed to be changed or updated.


Our Approach!

Understanding the importance of preserving the magic while injecting new life into the fairy trail, the Brilliant Trails team embarked on a creative journey. We walked the trail during our visit, engaged in vibrant discussions, and gathered insights. With our findings, the team reimagined the fairy trail, creating a new version of the fairy trail markers, map, and booklet.

This time, we chose an illustrative watercolour design, echoing the aged elegance and rustic allure of Bunratty Castle.

Our team have also worked on crafting new sculptures that would stand as beacons of wonder along the trail. These included a majestic stag, a mystical wishing well, and a cunning fox, each telling its own story. In addition, we also dedicated efforts to refurbishing the existing sculptures.

The transformation of the Bunratty fairy trail has been met with great enthusiasm. The Bunratty team are thrilled about the trail upgrade, which has added new life to the already successful trail. This revamp has not only added a fresh look to the trail but has also become a call for visitors to return.  Visitors are now encouraged to come back and experience the new story and activities.