Transforming dreams into reality at Blue Hill!

Blue Hill, a serene and beautiful site in the USA, presented us with a unique canvas: previously unused ground. Our mission was to infuse this space with wonder and enchantment; what unfolded was magical. Embarking on this creative journey, we envisioned a world where visitors could not just walk but wander with purpose, discovering the charm and whimsy of a fairy tale come to life.


Our in-house designer, Amy, poured her heart and creativity into crafting eye-catching artwork. Every detail was thoughtfully designed to capture the imagination. She dedicated herself to developing an array of captivating artworks, from trail markers to trailheads. The workbook she created was not merely a guide but a gateway to imagination, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the story of Blue Hill.


But the magic didn’t stop there! Our talented chainsaw carvers worked tirelessly to bring bespoke sculptures to life, including fairy houses, toadstools, bears, a puffin, and even a turkey. These one-of-a-kind creations now grace the trail, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder, exploring the magic of Blue Hill.


Our installation team worked on the ground to make this dream a reality. They cleared the land, carved out paths, and installed each post and sculpture, ensuring that every element was perfectly placed to create an enchanting experience. This collective effort results in a fairy trail at Blue Hill that is not just a path but a journey through imagination and wonder. It enhances the site’s natural beauty while also serving as a source of revenue for the owner, showcasing the transformative power of creative trail design.


We at Brilliant Trails are immensely proud of this project, a vivid illustration of our commitment to bringing dreams to life. Our work at Blue Hill is an invitation to all who seek to breathe new life into their spaces.


We encourage you to contact us to explore how we can collaborate to transform your vision into a captivating reality, much like the trail that unfolds at Blue Hill.