The Brilliant Trails team was invited back by the team at the Stormont Estate to complete an update and upgrade on the previous trails we designed and created at the Stormont Estate and Park. Here we previously designed and created three Stormont trails. These were the Woodland Trail, the Environmental Trail and the History Trail. Furthermore we then created a fourth trail, the Bug Safari Trail.

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Perks of a Trail Upgrade

At the trails, we where able to add new elements to all of the trails, which include the Woodland Trail, the Environment Trail and the History Trail. This was the first update completed at the Stormont Estate, located off the Newtownards Road, East Belfast.

Due to the amount of visitors the trails have seen since they where created at Stormont, many of the elements of the trails get damaged, so it is always essential to up-keep trails once they are created and opened to the general public.


What we added to the Stormont Trails

During the upgrade, the team at Brilliant Trails added a range of new elements to each trail. This included new signage which will help visitors navigate and investigate the trails a lot easier.

We also tidied up the area and fixed any damaged elements. Other new elements added to the Stormont Trails include new wood carvings such as carved mushrooms.


Come and Visit the Stormont Estate Trails

The Stormont Estate and Park is opened to the general public all year round and opening times are usually daylight hours. This means the park usually closes around 9pm on average all year round. The near-by Mo Mowlam play park and dog park close a half hour earlier at 8:30pm.

The trails are for everyone to enjoy. From young to old. They are a great place to explore, to learn and to exercise, especially during holidays such as the summer holidays, Easter and Halloween.