Based within the the Galgorm Castle Estate, the Galgorm Eco Trail is a must visit when visiting Ballymena or North County Antrim. The trail is perfect for families and helps to bring that little bit of magic to everyone lives who visits, all year round.

The Trail itself hosts many events year round, from Easter events to Halloween and Christmas, great for the holidays. Any ages are welcome to the trail as it makes for a great day out from the young to the old.

At Brilliant Trails, we worked hard to produce the trail, which opened way back in 2017 and was one of our first trails we created as a team. We also worked with the team at Galgorm Castle to create this magical masterpiece. Alongside the trail we created a trail booklet to help you navigate the gardens alongside side the trail. We tried to make the trail as interactive and creative as possible, from the smallest details to the bigger. Some of the interactive pieces we created for the trail include the Fairy door, Fairy Hotel and the Library.

Our aim of this project was to help bring tourism to the North Antrim area by giving the area a new must-see attraction. In fact one of the top attractions in Ballymena according to TripAdvisor.  Another aim was to bring everyone to experience nature and what it has to offer, and the Galgorm Castle Estate was the perfect place for this.

Whenever you take a visit to the Trail and Gardens, make sure to look out for the wonderful plants and flowers all around, these include the likes of bluebells and buttercups. For anyone who loves animals, be on the look out for the many insects and animals located around the estate.

For a bit more of family fun, the trail also offers a treasure hunt, which is perfect for problem solving and developing a range of other skills such as communication and leadership. These are all key skills to help the younger generation develop and was another aim of the project.

To learn more about the trail or to book a day out, be sure to visit the Galgorm Fairy Trail Website.