Mo Mawlam Play Park Revamp

Following the upgrade to Stormont trails, Brilliant Trails took part in the revamp of Mo Mowlam play park at Stormont Estate. Mo Mowlam play park has been transformed into an inclusive play park. The park is specially designed for children of all abilities, including wheelchair accessible roundabout, wheelchair-accessible swing, low-level lookout tower, trampoline, and dedicated sensory area.

Stormont Estate Mo Mowlam Play Park Castle Entrance
Our Bespoke Features

Our Brilliant Trails trail designers created bespoke features to make this park unique — features such as the knights and sensory totem, along with the eye-catching design of the park entrance. The park entrance is designed to match the Castle Theme area which encourages physical and imaginary play. Within the multi-sensory play area is our musical instrument engraved sensory totem, intended to stimulate children’s sense of touch through different textures. The image below shows the initial sketched concepts. Each detail carved skillfully into the sequoia wood by hand.

Forest Knight Sculptures

The parks eye-catching forest knights are bespoke designs created by our talented trail design team. Each one started as a conceptual sketch and then hand carved into cedarwood to create our fascinating sculptures. Each of the Brilliant Trails designs bringing imagination and unique touches to the park.

Interactive Stormont Trails App

As well as taking part in Stormont’s revamp of Mo Mowlam play park. Brilliant Trails offer an interactive StormontTrails App which allows visitors to explore a range of trails around the Stormont Estate. The app is available on Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded free of charge. The trails are designed to encourage locals and visitors to learn more about Stormont Estate, and it’s wildlife and history. Stormont Trails offer three trails for families and friends to explore offering an educational and engaging experience. Each pathway lasts around 30 minutes, suitable for all ages, pushchair friendly and toilets located close by.

Stormont Trail sign
The Woodland Trail

Our Woodland Trail allows visitors to experience the different wildlife that inhabits the Stormont grounds. This trail allows visitors to learn about the animals and insects of the woods; along with the mystical creatures that may even live there.

Brilliant Trail Woodland Trail signage
The History Trail

Our History Trail allows you to take a step back in time and learn about the history of the Estate and its surroundings. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the different buildings, their construction, and their purpose. Visitors find out about the famous figures who impacted Stormont history in some way, making it the iconic location it is today.Stormont History trail booklet

Stormont Trail MarkersStormont History trail booklet
The Environment Trail

Our Environment Trail allows you to explore the Stormont grounds where you will have the opportunity to learn about the different species of trees, flowers, plants, and birds. You will even get the chance to observe the different tree and plant species up close. This trail will bring all of the Stormont surroundings to life. Throughout our trials, we have clues and riddles for visitors to solve. Visitors will find out fun facts along the way and become an explorer. Adventure awaits at Stormont Estate, go find it!