At Brilliant Trails, we feel that it is essential to stay connected with our clients. Therefore we provide them with future support to manage their trail product through regular trail upgrades.

Brilliant Trails installed their first bespoke Faerie Trail package to Loch Lomond back in 2017, in the Scottish village of Luss. Our aim was to promote more tourism in the town and encourage visitors to explore more. Since then for example, we have developed an Interactive Faerie Sensory Trail and a Trolls Trail. Our regular trail upgrades have played a big part in Loch Lomond success. Experiencing continuous growth over the past three years. We have included some new exciting trail upgrades including our Sensory Trail and Trolls Trail.

Therefore due to the brilliant success of the Loch Lomond Faerie Trail, our Brilliant Trails team have just paid another visit to our friends over in Scotland, and there’s something magical happening in the woods. The guys over at Loch Lomond are excited to welcome everyone back to help solve a new mystery. ‘The Quest for the Silver Unicorn’. With brand new trail elements to discover and an extensive guide and activity book.