Exciting New Elements

Coming up to Fairy Festival weekend and the Summer months, our talented trail designers at Brilliant Trails decided to add more exciting elements to our Galgorm Castle Fairy Trail. So we need you and your friends to help the fairies find their missing fairy dust. Follow our clues and directions to uncover the hidden location of the fairy dust. Along the way, you will need to locate the information panels at various points. After a sprinkle of fairy dust and a little imagination, another corner of our woods has been lovingly handcrafted by our trail designers into a new enchanted route. This route leads visitors through to our new pushchair accessible paths, forest bathing chairs, balance beams, mud kitchen and a fairy classroom.

Forest Bathing

Our new upgrades include different elements. We carefully designed each piece to stimulate your senses. Our forest bathing chairs are designed to remind you how good being in nature can make you feel. Visitors can connect with the sounds of the forest and take in the scent of the trees. This Japanese practise of observing the environment around you can help both adults and children to de-stress naturally. Brilliant Trails have also recently installed a complete sensory trail around Slieve Gullion forest. 

Fairy Mud Kitchen

Your little cooks will love making a mess at our fairy mud kitchen. Our fairy chefs have left some of their tasty recipes behind for the kids to follow along with some kitchen utensils and pots. The children need to gather all their natural ingredients around our woods. Including leaves, mud and acorns. Mud play is a hugely beneficial sensory activity for kids cognitive development and fine motor skills. Our fairy kitchen is an area which encourages the kids to start exploring and get back to playing outside with nature.

Fairy School

Take a seat in our fairy classroom where today’s lesson will be learning the fairy elfhabet. Kids are fascinated by the notion of school. Our fairy school encourages imaginative play. Our interactive chalkboards, filled with tracing activities to follow encourages kids to learn literacy and have fun. So if you fancy looking for things to do with the family and friends outdoors this Summer. Come along an explore our new outdoor activities and brand new clues. Our trail designers have brought even more magic into Galgorm.