Digital Products

At Brilliant Trails, we develop innovative digital products which enhance your visitor’s experience. We will work with you to ensure your product is suitable for your needs and tailored to your specifications. Brilliant Trails has a fully-featured, self-managed tourism mobile application within the tourism sector. Our solutions are generating thousands of visitors to single locations and areas to create experiences for tourists and to create revenue for tourism in the area. Clients are experiencing an unrivalled return on investment times of just three months.


We can provide a dedicated website to promote your product, visitors can download the trails from the site and gain access to further information and learning about your local area and trails provided.


At Brilliant Trails, we are consistently working towards harnessing new technology. We can now integrate iBeacons into our trails to trigger a range of content, including location maps and rich media content.

Mobile Apps

We can design a user-friendly mobile app for your trail, which includes a detailed description of your trail route and points of local interest and significance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality. We can incorporate augmented reality into any of our trail routes to provide computer-generated virtual content. This will enrich the user experience and provide access to a lot more information, including audio or video clips.


The Mobile App platform for all your tourism needs.

                             TOURISTWISE is an easy but very powerful platform to help deliver your knowledge and wisdom to visitors before they arrive and throughout their stay. For further information visit the TouristWise website.