A toolkit for success

At Brilliant Trails we have the toolkit to help communities develop their tourism with interactive walks and treasure hunts constructed around three main themes: Family Experiences | History and Heritage | Education

Our objective is to encourage exploration of locations of interest within your community where visitors and locals can explore local heritage, history and points of interest in a fun and educational way. We enable communities to empower themselves with new opportunities and development.

We create a package of support and positive impact. Community tourism projects generate many positive community outcomes ranging from community regeneration to new job creation in the local area. With the support of tourism, digital, and management training that compliment the overall project.

We work to create a package that supports the business/client after we have handed it over. From tourism training, digital marketing guidelines to digital applications that compliment the overall product.

Group sessions

Live longer

Studies have shown that being outside for even 20 minutes a day can reduce stress, can boost creativity, lower blood pressure and fight against anxiety and depression.
So go on, get out and stretch those legs - I want to see happy faces!

Unplug from the world

Unplug from the world

Walking provides a
welcome break from the feeling of always being ‘switched on. We’re constantly staring at screens and checking our phones, always plugged into the network of the world. Wandering where there is no WiFi can help relieve the effects of the mental fatigue that technology inevitably brings.


We design every element of a trail, from initial conception through to final delivery, using our experienced design teams

Project Management

We help create community tourist projects from initial funding, through to installation and ongoing project management.

Funding Support

At Brilliant Trails, we assist in helping the community get funding support.

Customer Service

We help create community tourism projects from initial funding, through to installation and ongoing project management.

Web & Social

We provide web, mobile apps and social media development, support and ongoing guidance, for community enhancement.

Tour Guide Training

Our guides are passionate about training your employees and volunteers in the theory and practice of tour guiding.