We create photo realistic 3D models & animation

Have you ever noticed how stunningly realistic some 3D models and environments are in movies, video games, and virtual reality experiences? It's amazing what advanced computer software can do to create images that look like a camera captured them. The amount of detail put into these models is remarkable, making the experiences more immersive. Whether playing a game, exploring a virtual world, or watching a movie, photo-realistic 3D models and animation can transport you to an entirely different realm.



Brilliant Trails utilises visual effects (VFX) to manipulate and enhance video images to create breathtaking visuals that transport viewers to different times and places. With VFX, we can accurately depict historical events, ancient civilisations, and cultural traditions that would be impossible to recreate in any other way. From epic battles and ancient ruins to vibrant festivals and traditional costumes, VFX allows us to experience the beauty and diversity of our world’s rich history and culture.

3D visualisation

3D visualisation

Brilliant Trails leverages the power of 3D visualisation to revitalise historic locations and buildings, bringing them to life in an entirely new way. We create interactive environments that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the story and engage with characters, making the experience more memorable. Our latest work will place historic buildings in the exact Location of their physical counterparts, allowing visitors to physically walk around an historic site.

Harry Fergusson plane

360 images and video

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re really there, experiencing something firsthand? That’s where 360-degree images and video come in. They allow you to immerse yourself in a scene and see everything around you as if you’re really there. Brilliant Trails can create 360 solutions to help, guide and entertain visitors as they explore a location, attraction or building.  The environments we create are limited only by a customers imagination and make visitors feel like they’re really there, wherever “there” may be.

3D walkthrough


3D walkthroughs offer a unique and immersive way to explore visitor attractions . With virtual tours Brilliant Trails can tell stories without the confines of physical space or access limitations. They provide an opportunity to see the attraction from different angles and perspectives, allowing visitors to appreciate their beauty and uniqueness in a whole new light. We can unlock areas hidden to the public and recreate spaces that were once thriving locations.

A few examples of our animation work

If you have a specific requirement do let us know, especially if you have an interest in recreating historical viewpoints or locations within a tourism area.