Balmorals 150th Show


Did you know we manage and organise all the school bookings and arrivals to the Balmoral Show?

Our sister site Balmoral Kids was set up to advertise and allow schools to book for the Balmoral show at a discounted rate. This is available to preschools, primary and secondary schools and even youth groups, hospital and special needs groups.

Preschools, primary schools and special needs groups have the option to receive a 1hr guided tour around the show for no additional charge! As well as receiving a free ulster bank goodie bag.

Book online and receive your student wristbands prior to arriving to gain access to the show. The show maps and timetables will also be provided to all staff members. We manage the bus arrivals and departures, and entry to the show to ensure the safety of all students.

This year was Balmoral shows 150th anniversary and it was a great success, we hope to see old and new schools next year! Check out some of our images from Balmoral Show 2018.


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The Show

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