Brilliant Trails can provide the full package for your event. 

Having written many trails & treasure hunts for events, we are confident that we can produce a great product to suit your event and provide a data collection of users once completed. From Chirstmas, Easter to Halloween, Pirates to Vikings and buried treasure to Teddy Bears' Picnic, we can provide you with a great package to suit all your customer needs.

We can come along and run the event for you; this would include the trail writing service, printing and setting up the treasure hunt. The route we use can either go around trade stands on site or take visitors to hidden areas around the site. If in an urban area we can create unique objects to be positioned in local business or places of interest.

The design of the treasure hunt will be bespoke for your event, we can include QR (quick reaction) codes NFC (near field communication) stickers or add some AR (augmented reality) to enhance the visitors' experience and the latest iBeacon products. These can be easily added to any route and provide the user with a lot more information, social media content and audio or video clips, giving you a data collection of users.

Please feel free to browse through our bespoke projects portfolio

Please contact us about your idea or event and we will get back to you within a day. If you have a budget already in mind for the event, we can provide you with a better costing and what you will receive from us.