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Brilliant Trails design treasure hunts based on walking, cycling & driving trails throughout the UK & Ireland. We write our trails in the style of a treasure hunt, following a set route around a location, solving clues as you arrive at key sites and having a brilliant day out discovering our hidden past. Having designed trails for the BBC, Woodland Trust, Stena Line and many others. We are confident that our products will enhance a visitor's day out at any location.

Brilliant Trails products are a great way for your family to get out and explore and leave the "bored" word behind them at home. They are also a great way for groups to bond together, problem solving and having a great time. We have used our products for charity fund raisers, over 50's walking groups, health trusts and schools, with each location giving our customers more than they were looking for.

Brilliant Trails has created a unique and innovative product which not only acts as a fun and educational experience for local families and visitors, but also generates income for local businesses through mutually beneficial partnerships which have been forged. Using the latest technologies from iBeacon, NFC to augmented reality apps, we will delivery your project on budget. 


Brilliant Trails is an innovative company selling a unique product. We seek to recreate the treasure hunts that we all enjoyed as children, but using professional quality design and trail setting skills.

Brilliant Trails allow local people and visitors to interact with their surroundings, whilst learning new facts, making the Trails more creative and fun that a conventional guided walk. Brilliant Trails seeks to improve our products and to create new concepts around the treasure hunt theme through innovation which will allow more local businesses, community groups and individuals to further enjoy exploring the local landscape.

With over 100 trails written & designed, being innovation & tourism award winners and having a great love for the outdoors, we are confident that we can provide you with an unique and original product to enhance your experience. We are always looking to improve the customer journey through innovation, particularly through the use of new technology.

We also strive to maintain consistently high standards throughout our product range and take steps to ensure that we provide a trail experience which meets all of our customers' expectations. 

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